Game examples made with our engine

Multiple kind of games could be made with the engine, from the simple arcade and platform games to complex RPG ones. Some examples of those type of games are shown here, the complexity is chosen by its creator.

Each new game developed with the engine will be shown in this section

RPG Game


Gravity and much more physics effects

Create platform games with multiple scenarios, physics effects, enemies and objects provided with artificial intelligence, customized carriers and much more.

Plataform Game


Custom statistics for your characters

You could create games where a character or a team increase their abilities as they go deep in the game. With combats in real time or by turns, inventory system and much more.

Arcade Games


Classic arcade games or new versions

Create games using physics interactions, vertical or horizontal movements. Add different levels using your imagination.

Muchos más juegos

Much more

Make the most of all the engine features

Combine the posibilities the game offers to make custom games, adding new features coding your own customized components.



Create platform games with many features

Use collisions mechanics, gravity, character centered camera and create any plaftorm game.

Create all kind of levels, using block movements, enemies, including carrier objects, close or ranged combat system and much more.

Game example

This is an example created entirely with the engine, without adding any line of code.

Available mechanics:

  • Variable gravity system

    Choose how the gravity affects each game object

  • Collisions system

    Choose the game objects that could collide: supports, carriers, elements that push other characters, etc.

  • Combat system

    You could choose between close combat or shooting projectils or combine both combat systems.

  • Autosaving based on checkpoints system

    Choose the level physical points that will be activated when reached, triggering the game autosaving.

  • Game objects generator

    You can automatically generate enemies or any other kind of object, when reaching a given point or when some events are fired.



Create your RPG games with a solid base

You can create yourown RPG games combining combat levels in real time or by turns.

You could also add inventory systems and easily implemented statistics system. You could handle a single character or a team, and add multiple abilities.

Demo available soon

An RPG game is right now in the developing phase, it will be shown shortly.

Available mechanics:

  • Shortest path algorithms

    If the mouse is used as the movement system input, the path to the final point will be calculated based on shortest path algorithms.

  • Individual and team statistics

    Give to your characters custom statistics that will be increased during the game, based on the collected experience or the equiped objects. The engine also provides a system for adding shared statistics for a team, such as the collected gold.

  • Inventory system

    Choose between range combat, shooting projectiles or combining both combat systems.

  • Real time combat or turn based

    The engine provides a turns based combat system and a real time combat, allowing the creator to use one of them or both combined.

  • Artificial intelligence in combats

    The objects with artificial intelligence could change its behavior based on the other characters or situations.

Available soon

The games developed with the engine will be shown soon at the website.



Arcade classic games or innovative ones

Choose the game type,

An inventory system and statistics to implement with ease. You can handle a character or a group of characters with multiple abilities.

Demo available soon

A game of this kind is in the development phase, it will be shown shortly.

Mecánicas aplicables:

  • Collision mechanics

    Provides an easy way for creating games involving physics interactions and movement calculations.

  • Multiple controls

    Choose how the game will be controlled: keyboard, mouse, joystick, camera or a combination of them.

  • Events system

    Manage the events that will be produced in the game: collisions, checkpoints, activators, etc.

  • Timers

    Shows the game time, add time limit to the game round

Available soon

The games developed with the Atlantis engine will be shown soon at this website.

Much more


Classic arcade games or innovative ones

Choose the game type

An inventory system and statistics to implement with ease. You can handle a character or a group of characters with multiple abilities.

Demo available in the future

A game with these features is currently in the developing phase. It will be shown soon.

Available mechanics:

Combine all the available mechanics or add new custom mechanics to create more specialized games.

Available in the future

The games developed with the engine will be shown at this web soon.


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