Levels design

Customize your videogame levels using our graphic levels editor or using your own code

Tutorial de niveles

Tutorial about the level design using the graphic levels editor.

With this tutorial you will learn how to create a level once all the level game objects are created

  1. Add gravity component to the level

    Componente de estadísticas

    When the gravity is needed for the game, like in platforms games, it must be added to the level, so that it will affect all the level game objects previously defined as gravity affected (any game object that could jump or fall like characters, creatures, moving objects, etc.)

  2. Add game objects to the level

    For adding an existing game object to the level, you must choose it and add it to the level game objects list. The given game object will be shown at the level canvas and you could move it selecting the game object positioning mode (with the hand). For editing a game object visual depth related to the other game objects, you must change its Z coordinate value. The elements with lower Z values are placed behing the elements with bigger Z, so the backgrounds must have the lowest Z coordinate values.

    Once all the game objects are placed you must save the level. Next tutorials explain how to add CheckPoints to the level to control events, automatic saving, level upgrade...

Level design from code tutorial

This tutorial will be created soon, when the project enters the next developing phase.


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